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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> is a county manhattan hunt man accuse the of shooting his ex girlfriend's mother is over we're liver with the details of the deadly ending. republicans are looking for options after another apparent healthcare failure. but time is running out. the new deadline looming over the gop. >> and happening today, philly is ready to unveil a statue dedicated to a forgotten hero. today is tuesday, september 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha of course keeping an eye on things this tuesday morning. >> good morning, guys. happy tuesday. so looking outside right now. do have couple every accidents , also construction on the schuylkill causing some bumper to bumper conditions that we actually saw start in the 4:00 hour. so early, yes. busy start.
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>> just going to have to deal. just going to have to deal. and that it begins. right? hey, hey, if they're hiker. >> that would be a fun gig. >> oh, that would be a really fun gig. all right, what we will find out there right now, some pretty quiet weather. we have, however, seen some fog developing, depending on location, not really widespread. but it is definitely settling in. so, it could lead to some minor visibility problems for some of you. now, our visibility map hasn't really shown a lot of that poor visibility, at philadelphia international airport, for example, still to up 10 miles, so not real big problem there. this is little tough to see, because the sun continues to come up later and later. i wanted to show it to you, you can at least make out the school campus at pleasant valley middle and high school. but did i see fog settle in here early this morning. just depends where you are. watch for that. it is not a major issue. more than anything, we all start off on pretty mild note. sixty-seven both at the shore
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and atlantic city specifically and in philadelphia, and the dew point definately climbing. so it will feel muggy to you here today. it is not as hot as yesterday. whether it comes to the thermometer. but still 10 degrees above average. eight a degrees is the expected high. and we get some sunshine throughout the course of the day. so, coming up here, we do still have to track maria, meisha, that's still category one storm, i'll give you sense how that will impact our area little later. >> good, thank you so much, katie. very good morning, happy tuesday guys. looking outside right now at the ben franklin bridge. looking good as usual. we can see how many vehicles are already out there. those of you taking the bridge just heads up now that we push into the 6:00 hour. starting to get little busy specially mid-span. for those of you traveling over westbound, specially around 6:30, start to see things make little change. overnight resurface project, also looking at this, it has since been cleared on the westbound side. taillights moving in the westbound direction. at 202. this is really where we were seeing a lot of that residual effect, a lot of brake lights going off. westbound, and eastbound, very busy there.
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at 202, just heads up on that, but the good news, overnight resurface project was supposed to linger until 8:00 a.m. it cleared early. that's good. accident here pike creek delaware, new linden hill road all southbound lanes block, one northbound blocked. you should use this alternate. route four; upper pike creek road, going to be your best bet. another accident with entrapment, industrial highway at stewart avenue. just heads up. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. new video this morning, as police investigate a deadly triple shooting in north philadelphia. officers found three men suffering from gunshot wounds on the 600 belong of perth place, one later died at the hospital. told 58 year old man was shot multiple times. he's in stable condition. twenty-six year old was shot once in the hip. he is in critical condition. so far no arrests. well, new information this morning on the man wanted for shooting his exgirlfriends' mother inside of her montgomery county home. >> we now know that suspect has been found dead. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in limerick township what we know so far.
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good morning, trang. >> good morning, authorities say gregory feldman took his own life to chester county district attorney's offers, say, that felt man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds. now, police have been looking for him since friday in connection with the shooting of his ex-girlfriend's mother, but take a look, this video of the scene overnight. police found feldman's body in the parking lot of a wawa late monday. investigators in the coroner's offers spent the night gathering evidence there before the car was toted away from the scene. now, this all started just after 12:15 p.m. friday afternoon when limerick police responds today home on long meadow road. that's where they found 48 year old amy herman, suffering from gunshot wounds to her chest as well as her neck. she identified feldman her daughter's 30 year old ex-boyfriends as the shooter. police then launched manhunt offering a reward of up to $1,000 for his whereabouts until his body was found monday night just 15 minute from the herman home. meanwhile, amy herman is expected to be okay.
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but, lots of relief here in this community after such a gruesome and tragedies cover i for now live outside the limerick township police department. i'm trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. meanwhile the search is on for the cause of this fire near sixth and girard in northern liberties, the fire broke out about 9:30 last night, appeared to be confined to the upper floors of the building. it took firefighters about a half hour to control that fire fortunately there were no injuries reported. to the nation's capitol, republicans hitting another wall, latest proposal to repeal and replace obama care receives crucial support. hen a doba: >> reporter: susan collins from maine last night became the latest republican senator to say she will not support the gram-cassidy repeal bill. meaning there are now enough votes to kill the measure. >> the bill clearly opens the door to weakening the protection for people with pre
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-existing conditions. >> one of the other republican hold-out got unique message of thanks from his constituents, plane flew over the nfl monday night football game in arizona behind it, a banner that red: mccain thanks for protecting our care. >> we campaigned november, in the last november election, that we would re people and replace. >> that is part of a six and a half minute video, president trump posted on twitter. above it, he wrote: few of the many clips john mccain talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. my oh, my has he changed complete turn from years of talk. mccain is among those concerned about the bill's cuts to medicaid. the measure co-sponsor, lindsey graham, said during healthcare debate last night on cnn, the medicaid left unchecked is financially un sustainable. >> if we don't turn this around now, we are going to leave a country completely and utterly bankrupt. >> budget offers found the new
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healthcare proposal would cult $1 trillion to medicated kade between now and 2026. hena doba for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." well, a compromise of sorts to the national anthem protest playing out in the nfl it played out in prime time in dallas. cowboys owner jerry jones kneeled with his team before the national anthem last night the opponent, arizona cardinals, lock arms. both teams however stood during the actual performance of the anthem. jones says his team simply showing unity, while still respecting the flag. one cowboys player had more to say. >> we want to stands and respect the flag. but we also, as a complete team, and those players and organization, want to be able to whether we can, demonstrate unity is important, and call if i is important. >> that obviously wasn't one of the cowboys players, that was their owner. this is the second team to
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push back against president president bush's comments this players should be fired for not standing during the national anthem. meanwhile, some pittsburgh steel remembers sharing regrets about how they handled the national anthem. the entire team decided to stay in the tunnel before sunday's game against the chicago bears. only a former army ranger stood outside of the tunnel holding his hands over his heart. the move seemed to create confusion among the team. >> very few players new that i was going to the tunnel, because i only asked the team leadership. because that far i didn't give them an opportunity to stands with me during the national anthem. >> steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger apalachicola apologized saying he wished he had been on the feel looking back. >> hit tore i can mover more than century in the making philadelphia is unveiling a monument today, honoring hometown civil right leader octavia catto, considered the martin luther king, jr. of his
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team. fought for the right every all men regardless of race. he was shot and killed outside his philadelphia home on reelection day in 1871. >> i had never heard his name until i was over 40 years every age, which this is a person and people like him who contributed to philadelphia, and to our country, should be in our history books and they're not. i think it is important that we even though it is 146, 147 years later, acknowledge his contributions to making philadelphia the city that it is. >> mayor kenney and other city lead letters unveil the statue at 11:00 a.m. at the southwest corner of city hall. the monument the first of african-american on public lands in the city of philadelphia. >> that amazes me, i would think other in the sit. >> i you took the words right out of my mouth, jim. agreed. >> coming up. ment one of the top reasons millennials are buying homes, much different than previous generations. >> frantic owe identifications underway in california where this raging wilds fire now threatening homes. >> and frightening moment for airline passengers, forced to make an emergency exit after smoke filled the cabin.
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find out what went wrong. that's coming up next.
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judge people decide to buy their first home. but whether it comes to millennials, many inspired by their four legged friends. >> for years, 30 year old paul hughes has dreampt about adopt ago dog. >> i met her, and love at first site. >> four month old pitbull, found her at a shelter.
6:14 am
but before he made the decision to adopt, he had to find the perfect location for his new family. >> one of the biggest things was having a yard. i also wanted to have enough space for it not to be too cramped. so my previous department was so small -- >> dogs are driving many millennials into home ownership. in a recent survey from sun trust mortgage, a third of millennials said having better space or yard for their dogs influenced their decision to purchase their first home. >> whatever we take buyers to the initial consultation, we always ask them, you know, do they have any children? next question: do you have any pets? >> realtor says home purchases among millennials is on the rise. and many will waiting longer to get married and have children, and their focus is on their pet. >> they need something that fits in, easy access to the backyard, a lot of them looking for larger laundry rooms, so they can put couple or camp box or something. >> hughes admits he's had to adjust his lifestyle admit
6:15 am
since add coming his dog. >> more millennials are also making pet ownership priority, recent report from the american pet product association found that millennials make up the largest pet owning deem graph innings, about 35% baby boomers come in close second at 32%. >> i believe it. my puppy teddy like my child. like my baby. yes. and i move into a new apartment, you know this, one of the main reasons, yes, has outdoor space, i'm so happy, happy as a peacock. >> fur babies as we call them. you have some fur babies, too. >> in. >> i have real babies and fur babies, we've got a full house , yes. you know what? i love that reason. hey, whatever it takes to get you some good credit. >> right? >> right? all right, let's take a look at storm scan, wide zoom for you here, still have hurricane maria, still churning away, barely, but still as a category one hurricane. here in the trough, that will be digging in, helping to steer that storm out to sea, but also bringing about some
6:16 am
significant change to our pattern, we go from summer to finally much more fall-like conditions. by the time we hit the tail end of the week. now, current temperature readings, are actually pretty close to what we can expect for daytime highs, later on this week, that's how significant the drop off will eventually be. at this time of the morning, this is nice warm start. now elsewhere across really anywhere east of the mississippi, we are pretty much on par here, atlanta at 71, 69 rally, 68 nashville, but you can see how the colors start to get a lot darker, and it is very obvious, where the frontal boundery has already done it thing. already brought in much colder air. to bismarck, cheyenne, flirting with 50's in the twin cities. the kind of cool headed our way. again, this front is also going to help steer maria out to sea. regardless still going to have to deal with high risk every not gist rip currents, stronger surf, minor coastal errosion, flooding, that will last for the next couple every days until the storm far enough out to sea it poses no
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more problems. meanwhile it is still hot. still kind of above average, not hot as yesterday, tomorrow ends up being steamy one, too, and by steamy, i mean it, humidity quite high. so the temperature and humidity start to get scaled back starting thursday, friday looks like a gem, meisha? >> sure does, katie thank you. happy tuesday to all of you. so, what are we talking about in the worlds of travel? five accidents. five accident going on right now, looking at the vine, one cleared, put out to the far left, as you push in the westbound direction, toward the schuylkill, that's going to help us a little bit. also, we have another accident here. so this is 95 north at enterprize avenue. hard to see. through the flashing light, 95 north enterprize avenue just past the airport, again, pulled off to the right shoulder. now that we're building levels that will start to slow us down. another one here, pike creek delaware. route seven, new linden hill road. southbound lanes blocked. one northbound lane blocked. you will have to use this alternate. loud four; upper pike creek road. also, another accident, southwest philly, 63rd street,
6:18 am
at passyunk avenue. another accident, this one involving entrapment. industrial highway at stewart avenue. then talking about another accident, on the northeast extension northbound. closed past lehigh valley. you will have to use an alternate here as well. route 309 will be your best bet. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. this morning, large brush fire continues to burn out of control near a freeway in corona, california. this is about 50 miles outside of los angeles. those flames are now coming dangerously close to houses. more than 1500 people have been forced out of their homes as a result. the fire has already scorched more than 2,000 acres, hot dry and winnie weather is only fueling the flames. so far one home has reportedly been damaged. >> firefighters often have saved all every these homes in here. i was casino every shocked when that roof went up. but that was bad luck ember at that point. they knocked it down real fast >> look at this, blowing embers reportedly caught this big rig on fire.
6:19 am
>> scary. frightened passengers watch as the cabin of their plane suddenly fills with smoke, leading to an emergency evacuation. >> safety, keep the island clear. >> passenger on boards the airlines flight took that video, the plane landed at california airport yesterday, passed through gate when smokey haze start today appear captain got on the intercome asking everyone to remain calm and cover their mouths. >> little scared, when the plane smoke, worried about blowing up. had to wait for the fire department before they let us out. really the air masks didn't come down, we didn't have oxygen. >> released statement saying a mechanical issue caused the smoke, its crew evacuated all 150 passengers out after bun dance every caution. passenger ers took the stairs to the airport, while some snapped emergency crews on the scene, good news, no one was hurt. >> listen, you don't want those oxygen masks falling.
6:20 am
you don't want oxygen if there was a fire, wouldn't have been a good thing. >> coming from former flight attendant. >> yes. >> this this morning's health watch, risk associated with quitting daily aspirin they are. >> i british researchers say people who stopped at daily therapy may be at higher risk for heart attack even stroke. studies shows one of every 74 patients who stopped the aspirin regimen had 37% higher rate of a heart attack or stroke compared to those who continued the therapy. >> okay, ladies, and maybe men , we all love our spanks, now whole new body part. that's next. >> helloment check this out. >> this rock is the world's second largest diamonds finds out how much it is worth. meisha may want to buy it coming up.
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so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder! >> i expect for the most part sunshine, there may be a shower around saturday,
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especially it, would not be enough to cancel outdoor plans at this point. but it is going to be a lot cooler, you can break out your faux leather jackets, your jeans and get away from the short and t-shirts we've been dealing with in the last few days, guys? >> katie, i live for some fall riding boots, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the press of atlantic city, two pharmaceutical reps, say submitted unnecessary prescriptions seans, de flawed g more than $1.4 million from state health insurance plans. forty-two year old judd holt of marlton and 36 year old george gapres, con spur at this to commit healthcare fraud. >> bucks county courier times, free gun locks for residents to saferly secure their firearms, the gun locks were acquired through program named ben's campaign lock it up in honor of benjamin smith. the upper bucks toddler who died last fall playing with
6:25 am
his father's loaded un secured handgun in their milford home. >> in the delaware delaware county daily times, community college celebrating 50 anniversary, college opened back in 1967. now has more than 80 instructional programs on nine campuses in delaware, and chester county. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, everybody has a part of their body they would like to imette st. guillen proof. >> or two or three. we have the answer if your problem spot is your arm. introducing spanks for your arms. the founder of spanks says it latest product is like tights for your arms and promises to smooth and flatten them, everybody in the studio interested. >> great invention, because every woman that i take a photo with has an issue with her upper arm. >> anyway, the product can be exposed and worn as sleeves under t-shirt and sleeveless dresses and that actually looks pretty fashionable, so you can get away with it without people knowing you're wearing spanks. >> it will save countless
6:26 am
hours trying to have adjust bodies in photos now. >> the thing about spanks, is they're good for everybody because if you're thin, not so thin, it just smooths. >> but just years ago, suddenly everyone on zested when their upper arms. well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," the people of puerto rico are facing a public health crisis. this is serious. they have no drinking water, no food, no medicine, their homes have been destroyed, finds out how local woman is trying to help them out. >> some are calling that humanitarian crisis. also, six days after the massive earthquake that shook mexico, there are signs of life in the rubble. meisha? >> all right, looking outside, and we're waking to up busy tuesday morning, commute you guys, with five accidents out there. yes, we've also got lingering construction as women. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> i'm jim done drain. >> i'm are develop solomon. here's what you needs to start your day in the morning minute today september 26, 2017. >> intense manhunt ends overnight when a shooting suspect is found dead. >> police have been looking for him since friday, the shooting of his ex girlfriends ' mother. >> this proposal is about as popular as prolonged root canal work. >> the latest gop proposal to repeal and replace obama cara peers all but dead in the water. >> where is the army? >> millions of hurricane victims in puerto rico. >> honk or long overdue, celebrating civil rights leader catto will be unveiled
6:31 am
today at city hall. >> i love people criticize me, it makes me improve myself. >> big talk from the sixers big man, media day. >> he reels he hopes to play against the washington bizarre just 22 days from now. >> here's hoping, katie, i don't know if you heard what he said, that he said he loves when people criticize him on twitterment just motivates him silence the twitter patrol. >> there are a lot out there. it takes a big man, and he's a big man. >> better man that than me, tough, well done, and yes,. >> nothing bridges out criticism than sport. looking overall just another very summer like day, i've seen a lot of field cameras, finding at least little bit of fog it moment you won't finds
6:32 am
much, and really won't finds much out there at all today on storm scan, say for bit more coverage on the satelite as the day goes on. 68 degrees currently at the airport, we're got pretty comfortable start to the day. i certainly do not need a jacket. most will not either. you can sends the kids off to school with shorts, t-shirt, for yet another day, i expect we will easily hit the mid 80s with time this afternoon. so, yes. it is warmer than average. solid ten in fact above average by the time the kids are coming back out to the school bus to come home for the day. but give it a a minus. definitely, warranted. even though it will be muggy, it is dry, and you're going to find sunshine out there, as well, very limited breeze if any at all. looking forward, eventually, fall will return. it is going to take couple every days however. we need major pattern change, for that to happen. and that is coming, it is waiting in the wings in the form of pretty potent trough dropping in. so meantime, we've also got hurricane that's relatively close to our shore line. we will talk about that, and the impact maria may have on our area, all coming up a
6:33 am
little later on, meisha? >> thank you. and good morning everyone, happy tuesday, in the world of travel this morning, i have to tell you for tuesday morning guys it is getting very busy out there. we do have accident here, trooper road, audubon, one lane block in both directions. so getting very slow moving around thereon to the secretary accident, overturned tractor-trailer, pike creek, delaware, route seven, new linden hill road, all southbound lanes block, one northbound lane blocked. use alternate through 41, upper pike creek road your best bet there. another accident in southwest philly, 63rd street at passyunk avenue. and another accident, involving, entrapment, still out there, as well, industrial highway at stewart avenue. then we have another accident. on the northeast extension, northeast extension northbound , it is closed, past lehigh valley, your alternate, route 309 going to be your best bet. plus some construction crews are still out there, in delaware, 495 northbound just cleared, 95 southbound, the ramp to 295, closed right until the start of 7:00 a.m. another half hour or so and
6:34 am
this should be clearing, just heads up on all of that, jim, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. new this morning, "eyewitness news" confirmed the man wanted for shooting his ex zero ex-girlfriend's mother inside of her couldn't almost coy runt i home is dead. they say the suspect gregory feldman's body was found last night, in schuylkill township, sign-in side his park car. it appears he shot himself. police believe feldman shot 48 year old amy herman at her limerick home last friday, investigators say, herman is recovering and is expected to survive. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police are investigating after this hateful vandalism popped up against the president in manayunk. the vandal also tagged nearby garages with anarchies symbols , happened the 100 block of mallary street. the homelands security unit of the philadelphia police department is investigating. we are told the secret service may also get involved. neighbors are now petioning the city to paint mural in it place. >> republican party struggling to unify behind its latest plan to repeal and replace
6:35 am
obama care protesters declared yesterday's senate healthcare bill, in the afternoon, republican senator susan collins announced she not backing the current legislation. republican senator lindsay gram says he's standing by the bill he has co-written. >> we're going to press on. and it is okay to vote. it is okay to fall short if you do for an idea you believe in. >> republicans have until saturday to secure enough support for a 51 vote majority , senator collins no vote took it away for now, early report from the congressional officer, sales the gop bill would cut the current number every insureds americans by millions. millions of americans are shouldering a huge burdens encage for their aging relative. >> according to research, many are doing it at their own expense, here to explain, and provide care for the caregivers, cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, joins us liver from new york, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> jill, what risk do kay givers face? >> you know, it is a cross differs population.
6:36 am
more than half say their own health is taking it back to the health of the person they're actually caring for. a whopping 689% gave little or no consideration to their own financial situations when decide to become a caregiver. look at it, in fact, spending at least 150 per month out-of-pocket to cover expenses. that amount increases dramatically as house hole income goes up. additionally, the obligation may be negatively impacting their own employment. that is due to using vacation and sick days, reducing retirement plan contributions, declining promotions, or even quitting their jobs overall. >> so jill, what tips do you have for caregivers. >> you know, number one is ask for health. i know usually one person will serve as the primary, but here she should ask for support from family or friends. next, here is something interesting. check your employee benefit. some companies are now partnering with organizations
6:37 am
that provide assistance. like access to social worker, help locating on the grounds aid. create a central location for notes about your relative for mom you're caring, google document really could be an absolute lifesaver, highlight the schedule, doctors appointment, other, important information, and finally, someone who is caregiver for quite some time, take a day off. please. you have got it take care of yourselves. i have more care for the care golfers. go to jill on money. com. >> i love the part, ask for help. i had an elderly aunt that my cousin and i, she never got made, so another cousin and i took care of her. i'm telling you, you need a day off. you need someone to help up. otherwise you'll have a nervous breakdown. >> thank you, jill, appreciate t well, another news this morning, north korean government says president trump has declared war on them , based on tweet. >> saturday president trump tweeted that if kim jeong aoun continues his rhetoric his country quote won't be around much longer. north korea foreign minister
6:38 am
said that tweet gives the regime right to self-defense by shooting down us planes. experts say north korea has quoted war before, but threats different this time. >> what concerns me more this time around is that the foreign minister of north korea state that it reserves the right to shoot down us bomber planes approaching or even in international air space. >> the white house says the us has not declared war, how much , expert say lack every communication between the two countries could cause ongoing tensions. as those tensions continue, south korea sharing videos how to prepare survival bags. preparing emergency supplies by gas masks, food, warm clothing, water, searching the term survival bombs in korea in youtube returned more than 7,000 videos, those are only the ones posted since the beginning of the year. some south koreans say they're helpful, others say not much you can do if they're hit by nuclear bomb. >> government agencies are
6:39 am
ramming up their response to the massive devestation left by hurricane maria, and puerto rico. the storms slammed the islands as category four hurricane last wednesday. many of the 3.4 million people on the islands are still without power, water, and food critics say, the agencies are doing more to help texas and florida, and not doing as much to help puerto rico. >> while many families are still waiting to hear from loved ones in puerto rico, some here are taking action, they're gathering supplies to send them to the islands in their time of need. mary ella just moved to center city from san juan. she said she left all of her family there, she formed the relief group puerto rico for the greater philadelphia area. >> within minutes, i had like 600, 600 members in our group. it is sad to hear, hear so many puerto ricans that haven't been able to talk with their families. and they're going above and beyond themselves trying to collect items, money, raising
6:40 am
funds. >> now, for more information on how you can help, go to our website people in mexico are still assessing the damage a week after deadly earthquake rocked the country. take a look. these photos are from hard hit city about two hours south of mexico city. you can see homes there have been severely damaged. the ones marked with a red circle are slated for del littles, and should not be entered. but despite the danger, rescue teams still entering those homes. retrieving the belongings of those who have been displaced. >> and now a glimmer of hope. search for survivors continues mexican federal police tweeted this video showing them pulling a dog out of the rubble every mexico city. the photo was hashtag life is life. agreed? >> well up next, your chance to win two free, i say, free tickets to see kevin james at the merriam theater saturday. just listen for the word of the day. >> plus halloween still more than a month away. how the white house is already thinking about christmas. see the official treat for this year's holiday
6:41 am
celebrations, pat? >> who is excited? sixers training camp starts today. hype is real. we go one-on-one with sixers president, chris hecht. see how the team is feeling, embiid, fultz, simmons, future of the franchise next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ feel the sunshine ♪ >> spree corner symphony. i love this. >> how is your watermellon this morning, jim? >> it is delicious. >> we will be back. as we snack. trying to get through the morning. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> the house getting ready. >> white house christmas tree has already been selected. it is coming from wisconsin, outside of greenbay, the family protecting the trees
6:45 am
for the thirds festival of families, won the national christmas tree contest last month. horse and wagon will make the delivery in washington november 20th. >> nice tree. >> yes, sending it over to katie. katie, almost that time of year. >> it is going to get cooler? >> the weather i can deal with i can't deal with christmas shopping right now. >> too much. >> from the consumer reporter. check this with him in a week. man always looking for good deal. that's why i stay close to him we are looking ahead those folks to another summer like day. still solid ten above average which we will get to. checking in with eyewitness weather watchers sending in very beautiful fall-like pictures, just doesn't feel like it outside. but this one is definitely of note. beautiful start to the morning pretty clear skies out there. just before the sun came up, all of the beautiful pastel colors going along with that, phil sent that in for us. back to the map. is her know on new jersey,
6:46 am
focus there, 67 degrees comes in from peter. he's out in williamstown, did he mention that he kind of like ed had in the last hour, finding somewhat of a steady drizzle. so not everywhere. most of you walking out the door to dry conditions, but definately muggy. we have the ample moisture, that's where some of this drizzle is coming from. it is not a widespread concern , though, most of can you get away without an umbrella. down towards one of the most remote spots, that we've got to watch a report coming in this morning, from jamie in dividing creek new jersey, she is looking ahead to the fall weather it eventually gets here but will take couple every days, driving force will bring about the pattern change , and it is visible on the map. very potent cold front coming along, will dig in, help those temperatures to drop back then even some coal air reinforcements come in by the weekends. here is marie arc secondary thing that this front will do. that's help to clear this storm out to sea so we don't have to worry about it, category one storm just barely but does kick up our surf, certainly will keep the rip
6:47 am
countries, quite high for the next couple of days, but look at this, i mean, just goes completely out to sea here. nice near miss here no direct impact. >> atlanta canada in the days ahead, definitely getting luck any that regard. looking forward today, tomorrow, hottest date of the pack, then the steady decline. >> over all looks like sunshine and we barely can even hit 70 degrees. >> yes, i was just looking at that saturday. oh, really going to feel like fall then. thanks so much. good morning, everyone, looking at an accident here, trooper road, audubon, now cleared. skim right past that, because we have a lot to get to. here is another accident. we have overturned tractor-trailer pike creek delaware. route seven, all southbound lanes block, one northbound lane blocked. you will have to use this alternate, route four; upper pike creek road, will be your best bet. then we also have another accident. southwest philly, 63rd street at passyunk avenue.
6:48 am
and another accident, that is still out there, with entrapmentment. industrial highway at stewart avenue. then of course construction delaware as well. fifty-nine southbound, the ramp to 295, our crews are still out there. this is going to be closed, until around 7:00 a.m. so another 12 minutes or so on that. it could peak here at 42, 42 freeway northbound creek road. if you approach 295, this is where you're getting very busy no longer traveling at posted speeds, and i can tell you another place you're not, the not on the vine, not schuylkill westbound, and 95 most places moving in the southbound direct, toward center city, you're not traveling at posted speeds there, as well. that will over to pat. >> thank you shall meisha. sixers season just about three weeks away, training camp begins today. the hype surrounding the team at fever pitch. joining thus morning, and who i'm sure is hyped himself, is the new 76ers president, chris good morning, how are you? >> pat, how are you, thanks for having me. >> new title, kicking scott
6:49 am
o'neil to the curb? >> oh, i would never do that or have the opportunity to do that. scott is ceo of sports and entertainment, right, i got the opportunity to be the president of the sixers, pretty cool. >> perfect timing. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'll take it this year. >> for sure. >> good time for me, selfishly for sure, but i think better time for the fans every philadelphia. >> absolute limiter i was going to ask but. that will earlier this off season you said that you saw every single game would be sold out this year. so we know that fans are hyped , what's the excitement level like in house? >> oh, it is outrageous. >> were you there yesterday at media day, been there the last few years, saw the bills. what's going on in the city, in the delaware valley in the hype of the 76ers, we can't wait to start. >> tell us about the open practice coming up. you got it, this weekend at the palestra, pretty cool.
6:50 am
how can people get in? >> they can get in by signing up. there is a fro membership club , club 76, just go on line to and you can sign up, be a member, and get an opportunity to go to the pal trees, not just practice, brett brown will bring little twist this year with the blue ice cream. >> got to love it. so while it is not all on him, a lot of the future rests on the gigantic shoulders of one joel he will embiid. he talked media day yesterday, said he feels good. game seven of the finals he would be playing, but how do you guys feel in the front office about his prospect for the season? >> we feel great. joel has been in the gym all summer long. he rehabs early, and he's been working out, and all you need to do is send five -- spends five minutes, watch him play, and he's going to have an unbelievable year, great career with the philadelphia 76ers.
6:51 am
>> pretty impress i have to watch. really just watch him walk around, massive human being, should be fun year. so october 20th, celtics, home opener. we hope to see embiid, simmons , fultz, what else do you guys have in store? >> well i will say this: we've always been in entertainment. >> no? >> but bring it to a different level. it will be unreal. we will take over the basketball worlds and we not wait to start. >> new 76ers president, thank you so much. good luck this year. >> thanks, pat. >> jim, rahel, over to you. i know you guys are psched. >> taking it to a different level. all right. >> second biggest diamond in the worlds. jeweler just bought it for $53 million after it failed to sell at an auction last year. >> jim, you never did buy me a christmas present last year. well, discovered in the african can country about two years ago, weighing more than 1,000 karats, experts say it is the biggest gem quality
6:52 am
diamond found in more than 100 years. so, last year, jim, bit after fail for you, but there is always this year. and i'm still waiting? >> $53 million? >> jim? >> what about a gift cards to like bouncer and noble instead >> i do like a good book, katie, but no, i would rather a diamond. >> well, it is now 6:52. there is a lot coming up on cbs-3 this morning. >> joining us live from new york with a preview. good morning to you both. >> hey, good morning to you, rahel, jim. we will begin in puerto rico. as you know, there are big concerns enough not being done to get aid to the region where many are struggling, no power, food or water there. >> plus microsoft ceo is right here in studio 57. he talks about the first thing he changed at mining row soft. >> and meet two inspiring veterans who are overcoming significant physical challenges to compete on the world stage. jeff at the game which bringing together wounded and injured veterans from all around the world.
6:53 am
all of that plus the eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> nora, charlie, we will be watching, thank you. speaking of the games, all eyes on prince harry and his girlfriends after they made a public appearance together. >> harry appeared with megan, in toronto, where the actress lives, the couple sat together to watch wheat chair tennis match holding hands as you can see here, the appearance has fueled speculation that a royal engagement could be on the horizon. uh-huh. >> what do you get them for a wedding gift? that's that's what i want? >> $53 million diamonds? >> guess who was spot in the philly last night? that's right. samuel l. jackson, here he is cents on chestnut street in center city last night. that's the owner jane g. our photographer huey dillon hooked up us with these picks, like willis, jackson is in town shooting m. night shyamalon's new movie glass. huey tells us jackson enjoyed a nice mango salad, and a black bean style lamb.
6:54 am
>> bruce willis was also in town. >> cbs-3 has a chance to win a pair of particular tote see kevin james live saturday october 2nd at the merriam theser. >> all about the celebrities. kevin james words of the day, king as in king every queens. kevin james' first cbs series every night 11:30 p.m. honoring, the "cw philly." enter your chance to win, another chance to win against tomorrow. >> well, pennsylvania woman has been awarded millions after being injured by a routine treatment. >> speaking only to cbs-3 health reporter stephanie stahl has this preview. >> just wonderful mother. >> the best mother. >> they laughed through their tears, as ella learns to live with agony. >> i just wish didn't have to go through this. >> among millions of women, with a embarrassing problem, the traditional treatment has been disastrous. >> i feel lime i'm on fire, you know, down there. >> these women suffer in silence. >> philadelphia jury gave ella record verdict for her pain
6:55 am
and suffering. >> $57 million is a lot of monday. >> i yes. >> but she says no amount of mondayly give her her life back. and she is worried about other women who could be injured, too. my exclusive report tonight at
6:56 am
6:57 am
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>> here is three to go, monument is being unveiled today, 19 century civil rights leads err, at philadelphia city hall. republicans have until saturday gearing up support for the gop healthcare bill. yesterday, senator tore susan colin every maine announced she would not support the bill >> sixers training camp begins today at their facility in camden, officially tips off october 18th. >> that's trying, to last check on weather and traffic. >> still very warm out there, bit of foggy start. we will typically find some fog if we have it out there at all outside kutztown area middle school. sure enough there it is, quickly checking the seven day we feel like fall by week's ends. >> schuylkill westbound at montgomery drive, pull off to the far right shoulder causing slow downs, over night closure on the schuylkill, as well. >> well cbs this morning is coming up next. >> and remember to join us each weekday morning, on cbs-3 , as we like to say, 4:30 a.m. . have a great day.
7:00 am
it is tuesday, september 26th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." millions of hurricane victims in puerto rico suffer without power and not enough food or water. critics say the federal government is not doing enough to help. we're in puerto rico with the response to the desperate need. >> cowboys owner jerry jones leads his show in a solidarity after changing his view of national anthem protests. a tremendous backlash and we're at the games in toronto with the injured warrior athletes. two on team usa share the inspiring athletes with how


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